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Your upcoming podcast tour is an opportunity to promote your brand or product, grow your audience, and attract leads and clients. You deserve to be on the best shows that reach your target market.

At Get On Podcasts, we help our clients — founders, business owners, course creators, and service professionals — get on podcasts.

Get in touch below and tell us about the outcomes you’re aiming for with your podcast tour. We’ll see how we can help. 

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Our Services

If you’re looking to get on podcasts, reach an audience, and spread your message, our services are designed to help you get the best results.

You’ll receive a strategic ‘do this, not that’ plan to follow for your podcast tour.

You’ll receive a custom, personalized list of 15 – 50+ shows to contact.

You’ll get placed on 6-10 relevant, high-quality podcasts each quarter.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve been fortunate to work with a number of businesses, entrepreneurs, and authors. Here’s a selection of what they’ve had to share.

Nick Disabato
Designer and Author, Draft

“I was placed on over 50 podcasts, basically exhausting the field of potential podcasts I can reasonably expect to speak on.

You deliver the hell out of results. You very much know what you’re doing. And you know exactly when to reach out with the right questions.

I unhesitantly recommend this service.”


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When you get in touch, tell us a bit about your goals and timeline. We’re standing by to help you get on some great shows, reach your target audience, and tell your story.

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