About Get On Podcasts

We have a singular goal in our work: help software founders get on high-quality, relevant podcasts that reach your target market

What makes Get On Podcasts special?

We’ve been in this business for a long time — since 2015 — and deeply understand how to connect with relevant podcasts on your behalf.

Get On Podcasts started in 2015 when my book Podcast Outreach first released. Since then, we’ve helped our clients get placed on podcasts, build relationships with hosts, and promote themselves to the audience.

And we’d love to help you next. If you’re a software founder looking to
get on podcasts as a guest, get in touch and let us know about your goals. From there, we’ll see how we can best help.


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Why Choose Us

High Quality Outreach

We've been specialized in outreach (and building relationships at scale) since 2010.

Unmatched Expertise

Our founder — Kai Davis — is the author of Podcast Outreach, the best-selling book that will help you get on podcasts.

Precise Result

We’re focused on getting you on high-quality, relevant shows, not just any podcast.

Qualified Staff

Our small team is made up of specialists who understand each part of the Get On Podcasts process.