How to get on podcasts

The most common question that your friend Kai gets asked is a riff on: How do I get on podcasts? I want to do a podcast tour! Which, honestly, is a great question to ask. Podcast guesting continues to be a great way to reach your target audience, demonstrate your expertise, promote your book/product/services, and …

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Become a Follow-Up Fanatic

Send more follow-up emails. You’ll make more money. Sending follow-up emails is the most critical skill you’ll learn in life and business. How vital could your message be if you aren’t willing to follow-up? Following-up on a conversation, project, or email is not rude. Follow-up is a polite, proactive action that demonstrates confidence, authority, and …

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Damn. Fine?

If you’re looking to get a reply to your emails (to a leads, client, etc.) then include instructions on what to do next. Don’t just ask, “What are your thoughts?” and wait by the inbox. Give the other person a specific next action to take: If you’re interested in working together, just hit reply and …

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“I want to be an influencer, Kai!”

The easiest way to become an influencer as a consultant is by picking a super small, niche market, becoming a ‘Consulting Niche Celebrity’ (, and then expanding over time. First, what the hell is an influencer? Google’s knowledge box tells me that an Influencer is: Someone with an audience and who has the power to …

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“I love how the book has one singular goal: Get you on podcasts!”

The other day, a customer who had purchased a copy of Podcast Outreach ( emailed me to say that a week after buying the book, he was already booked on two podcasts. I was typing up a reply when a new message came in from him. “…3 podcasts.” Amazing! So I fire back a quick …

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