Podcast Tour Outreach List

Looking for a list of podcast hosts to contact? We’ll build you a personalized list of 15-50+ shows along with all the contact and show information you’ll need.

Do you need a list of podcast to contact?

The linchpin of your podcast tour is your Podcast Tour Outreach List: your list of relevant shows and hosts along with their contact information.

If you don’t have podcasts to reach out to, your podcast tour is dead in the water.

Sure, you can build your own outreach list yourself. But:

  • Do you know what tools to use to identify podcasts?
  • Where are you going to find the contact information for each host?
  • How are you going to qualify the podcasts? What makes a good-fit show? What makes a poor-fit?

And on top of that, do you want to spend the time hunting through iTunes podcast listings and looking at show homepages to find the right fit shows?

No matter how you slice it, that’s going to take some time, attention, and effort.

What if you could get a hand-Qualified list of hosts?

Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and have a spreadsheet show up with all the information you need for your podcast tour:

  • A list of qualified, active shows that reach your target market and are accepting guests
  • The name and email address for the podcast host, along with the show name and website
  • Pther helpful information, like a sample episode of the podcast or a helpful note on the show

Plus, what if you knew your list had been hand-inspected by a Podcast Researcher? You could rest easily knowing that each recommended podcast had been hand-inspected to confirm alignment with your campaign and to ensure that the show is active, relevant, and accepting guests.

Presenting, the Podcast Tour Outreach List

Get an actionable, personalized, hand-processed list of relevant podcasts that reach your target market. (This is like a Vitamin B shot for your Podcast Tour.)

With the Podcast Tour Outreach List, you’ll be able to focus your time, attention, and effort on what matters for your podcast tour: stimulating conversations with podcast hosts and teaching their audience something new.

What makes this unique? We use a blend of the latest technology (and hand-powered processes) to identify the right, relevant shows for you to contact.

Get Your Podcast Tour Outreach List

Podcast Tour Outreach Lists are available for purchase today.

Pricing starts at $600 for a list of 15 shows and ranges up to $2,000 for a list of 75 shows.

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